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The actionadventure cartoon series that targets youngsters is struggling to keep a. Star wars rebels season 1 i purchased the season pass for season 1 of star wars rebels a few months ago and had watched 6 episodes. Ellis, greg, oyelowo, david, blum, steve, gray, taylor, marshall, vanessa. The visual style of the series is inspired by the original star wars. A new hope, the reigning evil empire continues to tighten its grip of power and fear throughout the cosmos. Star wars rebels is an american 3d animated science fiction television series produced by. Much like any other star wars feature, spark of rebellion starts right in the middle of the action in what i think is a great way to kick off the series all thats missing is the familiar opening crawl to give a sense of context. Spark of rebellion and was followed by four seasons that. This is the prologue to the star wars rebels series and sets the scene, in how everyone meets, who they are etc. Star wars rebels is an american 3d animated science fiction television series produced by lucasfilm animation and set in the star wars galaxy five years before a new hope. Shes an orphan, a padawan, a daughter, a sister, but more importantly, she is a.

Spark of rebellion is a fortyfive minute long onehour. Spark of rebellion comprises the first and second episodes of the first season of star wars. Star wars rebels the long road chapter 1, a star wars. Fight to save the citizens of lothal and restore hope to the star wars rebels universe by joining the rebellion today. By limiting your forces to two groups in the beginning you create overwhelming forces for the rebels to contend with. Are you a fan of composer kevin kiners theme for star wars rebels. To install the update after downloading, simply doubleclick the update program rsupd101. Continuing the epic tradition of the legendary star wars saga, an exciting animated onehour movie star wars rebels. Ive seen advertising on xbox for it, but you have not added it. With taylor gray, vanessa marshall, freddie prinze jr.

Five years before the events of star wars episode iv. To reiterate, star wars rebels is a mustsee series in this falls lineup of new television programming. Etpt in the us on disney channels around the world, ushering in the highly anticipated. This patch will update star wars rebellion to version 1. Upon witnessing a group of rebels led by kanan jarrus, a former jedi padawan who survived the destruction of the jedi order, hijacking a small imperial. Now, shes been dragged into the rebellion with the rest of the crew of the ghost. Anthony the beard and aaron react to and discuss the premiere movie of star wars rebels spark of rebellion visit our website suppo. The old republic english star wars discussion sw rebels.

Spark of rebellion was a hit with audiences, delivered 6. While it is a cartoon, it isnt only for kids and the time its set in about 5 years before the original star wars is quite interesting and has always been a bit. Customize and expand a secret rebel haven where heroes can hide. Have a drink at old jhos pitstop, or compete in violent. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Msft reps on xbox have already confirmed that you dont currently have it. All that changes when he intercepts a robbery already in. Stream, download, buy, rent star wars rebels, season 1 episode 1, is available to watch free on disneynow and stream on disney xd. Star wars rebels spark of rebellion tv episode 2014. The losses would be too great for the rebels to engage one of your two fleets. Call to action can be best summarized by ezras question. Watch star wars rebels season 1, episode 1 spark of rebellion. Star wars rebels spark of rebellion reaction youtube.

Spark of rebellion 2014 jedi kanan jarrus freddie prinze jr. Spark of rebellion, an unofficial fancreated sourcebook for the star wars rebels tv show. The show takes place approximately fourteen years after star wars episode iii. Download to watch offline and even view it on a big screen using chromecast. The motley crew of the starship ghost stands up for those who cannot fight for themselves, providing the spark to ignite a rebellion. This book contains background on the setting of the show, as well as its heroes, its villains, the equipment they use and the places they visit. While the crew of the ghost is on a mission to help innocent citizens of the outer rim planet of lothal, street orphan ezra inadvertently interferes and is forced to escape aboard the ghost in order to survive the imperial. To ignite a rebellion, all it takes is a single spark. Windows apps onedrive outlook skype onenote microsoft teams microsoft edge. Second abc airing on october 26, 2014 adds an opening scene of the inquisitor taking an order from darth vader, who appears by hologram. Star wars rebels season 1 episode 1 spark of rebellion. In the first installment of rebels recon, takes you inside star wars rebels debut episode, spark of rebellion, with cast and crew interviews. Its entertaining for both children and adults, and anyone who tells you otherwise may not fully grasp what star wars is truly about. Star wars rebels spark of rebellion tv episode 2014 imdb.

Buy star wars rebels, season 102 microsoft store enau. Star wars rebels spark of rebellion recap tv tropes. Meet karma, a mysterious girl who took ezra in when he was a kid. Strategy gaming on an epic scale take control of either the rebel alliance or the galactic empire as you vie for the support of up to 200 worlds. Rebels came out over the weekend for disney xd subscribers so the biggest addition to the new canon until ep.

Download to watch offline and even view it on a big. The movie premieres friday, october 3 at 9p on disney channel. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away against the might of the galactic empire, an unlikely band of heroes emerges to renew the fight for freedom. Revenge of the sith, so the stage is set for you to immediately get a sense of the. Spark of rebellion premieres friday, october 3 on disney channel. However, it has a lot of filler, childish humor, too many things are spelled out for you, because this show is aimed at tweens. Along the way, shes reunited with some old friends and starts to find the girl she was 14. Its a surprisingly tight, focused story clearly backed with a budget way beyond other cgi action cartoons like teenage mutant ninja turtles and the clone wars, and its helmed by talented producers simon kinberg who wrote the premiere. With the glut of rebels info released lately this looks legit. Covers season 1 of star wars rebels with a female ezra bridger. After being caught up in a mission by a group of rebels, a teenage street orphan, ezra, helps the group on a rescue attempt of some imperial slaves. Yen press announces star wars rebels and leia, princess of. We were traveling and missed it on the premiere night but thankfully caught it when it was on again. Ezra bridger encounters the ghost crew and joins them on a mission to free wookiees from an imperial star destroyer.

Given the date, there is a possibility that the onehour special could. I wanted to create a movie series that stuck to the star wars movie structure, while also stripping out the filler and childish bits of the series. The flux pavilion remix of the star wars rebels theme is now. The animated series launched with the first two episodes titled star wars rebels. But even amidst the tyranny and oppression of these dark days, a glimmer of. Spark of the rebellion is set for friday, october 3 on the disney channel, followed by. Spark of rebellion was released by walt disney studios home entertainment on dvd in. Set fourteen years after the end of the clone wars and the rise of the galactic empire, we are introduced to ezra bridger. In this new star wars rebels teaser, spark, more exciting imagery from the upcoming animated series is revealed. The jedi are no more, and the empire rules the galaxy with an iron fist bringing tyranny to the outer rim world of lothal. It was made available for digital downloadvod on october 4, and.

Find out more about the new villain after the jump. Spark of rebellion dvd is currently listed on amazon for preorder. The dvd includes the onehour special written by executive producer simon kinberg, which was previously shown during san diego comiccon weekend. After being caught up in a mission by a group of rebels, a teenage street orphan helps the group on a rescue attempt of some imperial slaves. Spark of rebellion directed by steward lee for 4,99. But on the small planet of lothal a big change is looming. Star wars rebels the tv series is a great addition to the star wars canon. An early goal for the rebels will be to destroy a star destroyer. Esther bridger, or esty, has always been the special one on lothal even after her foster parents were taken from her by the empire. The long road chapter one advancing across high orbit over the planet lothal the imperial class star destroyer lawbringer parted the small yet steady stream of inbound and outbound traffic from the agricultural world before it, the captains and pilots of the various transports and passenger ships giving the massive triangular. Star wars rebels tv series spark of rebellion 2014 alternate versions. Rebels aboard the starship ghost battle the evil galactic empire when it tries to tighten its powerful grip on the galaxy. Spark of rebellion is set to premiere friday, october 3 9. Watch star wars rebels spark of rebellion s1 e1 online watch online anytime.

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