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Dmax is the next generation of silica gel rotors from seibu giken and is a development from the sscru. Toyo giken hty10eul 3phase transformer, 208 v hv 200 v lv, 10 kva. We create a comfortable environment through research and development for air and water with original technologies. Avfuktare fran dst saljs via ett varldsomspannande representantnat samt fran dotterbolag i kina. Desiccant dehumidifiers and heat wheels products seibu giken. Tokyo including stock price, stock chart, company news, key statistics, fundamentals and company profile.

Seibu giken dst ab company profile and news bloomberg. Alex kouzine sales engineer seibu giken america, inc. Custom software development sgamerica carmel software. Seibu giken dst ab, med huvudkontor i spanga, grundades 1985. Ray suhocki president and general manager seibu giken.

Communications and marketing specialist at seibu giken dst ab. Requires low reactivation energy per pound of moisture removal. Surface treatment desiccant dehumidifiers, manufactured. Wheels product brochures, research and white papers seibu giken america. Seibu giken dst ab designs, manufactures, and markets dehumidifiers. Total heat exchanger seibu giken has manufactured heat wheels over 35 years. The seibu spi system is seibu kaihatsus custom arcade system board. Ice buildup on floors or ceilings within the storage can present a hazard to staff and makes the driving of trucks dangerous. The three cornerstones of the aisin groups development areas of focus.

Seibu giken america desiccant dehumidification and heat. Seibu giken dst ar en svensk tillverkare av sorptionsavfuktare. After more than 30 years seibu giken remains a world leader in desiccant dehumidification technologies and continues to be the leading. Dst america is a subsidiary to the swedish company seibu giken dst. We strike a balance between human comfort and energy saving. For bade process och regenereringsluften ar f7 panelfilter standard. Seibu giken is an experienced manufacturer of desiccant dehumidifirer rotors, heat recovery rotors and voc concentration rotors. Desiccant dehumidifiers, manufactured by seibu giken dst ab. The icing, fogging and frost problem can be virtually eliminated by the installation of a desiccant dehumidifier. Explore the seibu giken america inc business page in frederick, md. Seibu giken a world leader in heat exchange, dehumidification and voc concentrator technologies for almost to 30 years. See the complete profile on linkedin and discover rays connections.

Psychrometric calculator chart analysis software program. Desiccant dehumidification and heat recovery wheels by seibu. Desiccant technology is effective in creating a year round humidity controlled environment to avoid corrosion during surface preparation. Major players in hvac and dehumidifier and desiccant wheel market are. View ray suhockis profile on linkedin, the worlds largest professional community.

Performance data refer to a particular case process air flow rate. Industrial desiccant dehumidifiers, heat energy recovery wheels, dehumidifier rotors and cassettes, voc concentrator, dry room systems by seibu giken. Seibu giken dst ab united technologies flakt wo airxchange nortek rotor source johnson controls lennox munters trane emerson greenheck fan corporation dri lg electronics general filters electrolux delonghi appliances ingersollrand airwatergreen daikin novelaire. Sgamerica, provides desiccant dehumidifiers, heat wheels, voc concentrators, and dry room systems for critical applications like.

The transmitter has been consistently incorporated in seibu giken dehumidifiers and air conditioning equipment because of its high accuracy and extremely fast. Dst is currently represented in over 50 countries throughout the world. See the complete profile on linkedin and discover alexs. Global hvac and dehumidifier and desiccant wheel market. The silica gel is still chemically bonded to the structure, which means that there is no desiccant carryover to the air and and this also gives an excellent lifetime. Company profile page for seibu giken kogyo kk including stock price, company news, press releases, executives, board members, and contact information. Company profile page for seibu giken co ltd including stock price, company news, press releases, executives, board members, and contact information. Purifiers market share global industry statistics, overview.

We are pleased to make the innovative and environmentally friendly technology of seibu giken more widely available to the north and south american marketplace. Activated silica gel with controlled pore sizes synthesized into honeycomb matrix. Press release big market research purifiers market share global industry statistics, overview, growth, forecast to 2024trotec, munters, light progress, cuoghi luigi, seibu giken dst. Om seibu giken dst ab luftavfuktare av sorptionstyp, seibu. The fog can affect the ability to see clearly within the storage. Electrical wiring diagram is stored in the document pocket, depending on. Chassit ar i rostfritt stal med alla komponenter inuti. Dst also supplies heatwheels from seibu giken japan. Seibu giken co ltd company profile and news bloomberg. Seibu giken dst ab, founded in 1985, is now a leading international supplier of desiccant dehumidifiers. It operates in the industrial and commercial fan and blower and air purification equipment manufacturing industry. Seibu giken america drysave desiccant dehumidifier cassette. Seibu giken sscrm dehumidifier 8420062 w panasonic m61a6g4y motor.

Formed in 1927 seibu electric has grown into a major manufacturing company with its headquarters in fukuoka, japan. Communications and marketing specialist seibu giken. Aynur polat product manager konstruktor seibu giken dst ab. Seibu giken relies on vaisala dew point transmitters vaisala. Ice and frost buildup means that regular defrosting of the store is required which. View alex kouzines profile on linkedin, the worlds largest professional community. Hipanexion heat energy recovery wheels by seibu giken. Up to 90% of the original dehumidifying capacity after 10 year of service. Corrosion rates accelerate exponentially with relative humidity rh over 50% and most coating compliance is 80%rh on a metal surface. Greensave hipanexion heat exchangerecovery wheel 2014. Consult seibu giken dst abs entire dehumidifiers from seibu giken dst. Rotors desiccant dehumidifiers, manufactured by seibu.

Some of the known key players in the market are munters, seibu giken, nichias, atea wk usa, hsj environment protection, proflute, gulf coast environmental systems. The modern history of the company goes back to 1986 when it took on its current identity and floated on the fukuoka stock exchange, later joining the osaka securities exchange and the tokyo stock exchange. Data relative to sscr dw of the seibu giken dst have been kindly provided by angelantoni s. Seibu department store indonesia is the only department store at grand indonesia shopping town that offers you a mix of international and. The necessary details for the companies in global animation and design software, such as revenue, % share, supplier information, images of products are provided as well.

Reduces carryover of air pollutants, including odors produces clean ventilation air through energysaving and environmentally safe technology highefficiency latent heat exchange antibacterial. Desiccant dehumidifiers and heat energy recovery wheels product brochures, research and white papers seibu giken america. Learn more about our products from leading manufacturers. Seibu giken america desiccant dehumidifier rotors hts. Sensible or enthalpyion heat exchange wheels and cassettes pretreat ventilation air, lowering the cost of air conditioning and improving iaq. Seibu spi boards update when a game cartridge is changed. Low dew points down to 112 f airflow 5080,000 cfm over 90% of original capacity after 10 years of service seibu giken developed the first in the world activated silicagel honeycomb rotor and commercialized it in 1984 for use in desiccant dehumidifiers. The seibu spi system board uses interchangeable game cartridges, however, each cartridge is region specific, and must be paired with a board of the same region. Feb 10, 2020 americanewshour the research document entitled hvac and dehumidifier and desiccant wheel by market research store intends to reveal various facets of the global market with the. The company produces dehumidifiers for storages, freezers, sewages, museums, power plants, water damage restoration, and.

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