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Trainers note safe lawn mowing practices can prevent injuries. Also, mowing wet grass on hills increases your chance of having an. A resident is mowing via manual control over an obstacle and the object is thrown. From flying debris to mechanical issues, operating a lawn mower can be hazardous. Where vertical clearance does not allow for a rops to be in the raised active position, the rops may be temporarily placed in the lowered inactive position.

Do not smoke while on the job and never work under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Carefully read and follow all of the safety instructions below. In 2017, more than 253,000 people were treated for lawn mower related injuries, according to the u. Never adjust mower height, clean grass chute, remove grass catcher or repair the mower while the engine is running. The experts at mowers direct share safety tips on how to safely operate a lawn mower. How to do basic lawn mower and lawn tractor maintenance. User of this mower should be restricted to individuals who have and will follow the warnings and instructions that are printed in this manual and on the mower. Lawn care safety and basic maintenance tips for teens. Flip the mower over and remove the lawn mower blade with a wrench. Use of a lawn mower in the workplace from osha perspective.

When the mower must be moved short distances on a public roadway, keep the following safety tips in mind. Consumer product safety commission office of compliance requirements1 for walkbehind power lawn mowers, 16 c. Failure to do so may result in serious bodily injury or death. Worker training this manual includes information on. Dull lawn mower blades tear grass blades rather than cutting them.

Leave all safety features and warning labels intact. This setup requires the safety wiring system to run through the pto switch and the introduction of a relay or two to allow the tractor to move backwards without killing the mowing deck or the engine. Lawn care safety and basic maintenance tips for teens safety glasses over the sunglasses andor prescription lenses without disturbing the proper position of either. If you are over forty, you probably used a manual push type, which required the strength of samson for overgrown yards.

For safety, take off the spark plug wire so that the lawn mower cannot start up accidentally. Improper use can lead to serious or fatal personal injury or property damage. Wiring diagram for craftsman riding lawn mower wiring diagram for craftsman riding lawn mower, every electrical structure is composed of various different pieces. Gas lawn mowers dont require a cord and can easily power through thick grass and move over hilly terrain. Lawn safety as time progressed, mowing the yard became easier. Children under age 19 accounted for more than 10,000 of these injuries. Choosing a mower the two principal types of mowers available for use on home lawns include reel and rotary lawn mowers.

Riding mower, starting system wiring diagram part 1 youtube. Always clear mowing area of toys, sticks, and trash before mowing. Most experts recommend that children younger than 12 shouldnt use lawn mowers unsupervised. This manual describes the basic components of an effective occupational health and safety program for landscaping and lawn maintenance companies. If not, the structure wont function as it ought to be. Lawn mower injuries went up 3% in 2010 compared to 2009. Review the information below on mowing hazards and safety practices. Demonstrate personal protection equipment ppe and lawn mower maintenance. Powered and unpowered tools and equipment can cause serious injury. Riding mowers provide the most efficient equipment to mow your lawn. When using this electric lawn mower, basic safety precautions. Developing a landscapinglawn maintenance safety program gmrc. This video will help you understand the two functions of your lawn tractors safety switches. Infections are common, and antibiotic medicines usually are.

Polycarbonate faceshields provide basic protection of the face, while still allowing for suitable visibility. Most lawn mower injuries can be prevented if you concentrate on your task and use common sense. Here are 8 lawnmower safety tips to keep in mind while youre mowing 1. Mowing and trimming safety occupational safety and. Health and safety for landscaping and lawn maintenance companies this manual is intended for landscaping and lawn maintenance companies of any size. Always refer to your owners manual for manufacturer specific tuneup. Health and safety for lanscapiong and lawn maintenance. Always stay clear of a hot engine as mufflers can reach up to 1,200. Keep cutting edgers sharp and clean for best and safety performance. Lawn safety remember the first time you cut your parents lawn by yourself. View and download toro 20381 operators manual online.

The american academy of pediatrics recommends that children be a minimum of 12 year of age before operating a pedestrian controlled lawn mower and a minimum of 16 years of age before operating a riding lawn mower. Read and follow all safety precautions in the instruction manual. Consumer product safety commission estimates that 34,000 consumer injuries related to riding mower incidents were treated annually in hospital emergency rooms during 20102012. Adjusting the cutting height adjusting the cutting height 3. Consumer product safety commission cpsc, a lawn mower can be extremely dangerous if not operated properly. Tailgate safety training for landscaping and horticultural services english modules short, frequent, safetytraining sessions keep safety in the forefront of employees daily routines. Tailgate safety training for landscaping and horticultural. Cutting grass isnt rocket science, but you still have to be cautious. This sop is not a substitute for the owners manual produced by the manufacturer. Push mowers run on a combination of gas and manpower. Use this booklet in conjunction with handson safety training and the equipment operators manual. Lawn mower safety stay safe when mowing essential home. Review the operators manual before using the mower. Disconnect the lawn mower turn off and remove safety key when the mower is not in use, before servicing it, when changing accessories and when performing any other maintenance task.

Gardening health and safety tips family health cdc. Safety instructions all operators must read these instructions before use always follow these safety guidelines. Limit distractions, use chemicals and equipment properly, and be aware of hazards to lower your risk for injury. Operate power lawn mowers according to safety guidelines. But before you push that lawn mower back to its parking space, you may want to try some of the basic trouble shooting steps that might address the reason for it not to start.

Unfortunately, 40% of these injury cases were serious enough to require treatment in hospi. Each part should be placed and connected with other parts in specific manner. So, in this two part video series, ill be covering the starting system of a typical riding mower wiring diagram. Lawn care and mowing contractor safety program manual. You will find this manual useful if you are an owner, employer, manager, supervisor, or worker. Congratulations on your selection of a honda lawn mower.

In 2010, more than 250,000 people were treated for lawn mowerrelated injuries. The following tips and resources can help you make lawn mower operations safer for your workers. Secure the blade in the vise that you keep on your workbench. Mower safety mowers are the most common type of lawn care equipment. For safety reasons, it is important to know how to quickly disengage the clutch and stop the engine. Refresh your lawn mower safety skills with the experts at cub cadet. Applying stamp to safety standards of mowing robots. Kathy towles last year while conducting a facility safety audit for a manufacturing and warehousing operation, we entered a littleused maintenance and storage room and noticed an old riding lawn mower and two trimmers stored there for the winter. Learn how to safely operate your exmark quest zeroturn mower in this mower operation and safety video from exmark. Lack of compliance with these laws can result in citations, fines, unfavorable publicity and, in some cases. This rear engine riding mower is designed for the busy homeowner and offers comfort, durability, and performance. A nut or nuts holds the blade up against the underside of the mower deck. Locations that present a rollover risk include loading ramps, wet surfaces, slopes, and areas near dropoffs, retaining walls, embankments, streams, bodies of water e. In lawn mower abuse a rising problem, another hilarious yet informative howto video, taryl expresses his concern in a psa on lawn mower abuse in.

Operating a lawn mower, however, requires preparation and careful consideration of safety issues. Children under 16 should not operate a riding lawn mower. It is recommended to wear steeltoe boots while operating a lawn mower or string trimmer. Shutting down a running engine, and disabling the starting system. Whether youre a new homeowner or a lawn maintenance pro, knowing the basics of lawn safety is essential. These accidents are avoidable, provided you make safety a regular part of lawn maintenance, particularly when operating lawn mowers and other power tools. Safety checklist hecklist when using your lawnmower hecklist. Lawn mowers are classified into four major categories.

If lawn mower strikes a foreign objects follow these steps. Protect your hands while using your lawn mower this season by following our lawn mower safety tips. Health and safety for landscaping and lawn maintenance. Your safety program manual will include the basic 69 page safety and health program topics. How safety switches work on your tractor understand. Lawn mowers are very powerful, and lawn mower injuries account for a large percentage of accidental partial or complete amputations. Most riding lawn mowers are more likely to tip over sideways than forward or back, so mow up and down the hill. Before you start any troubleshooting steps, make sure that you are up to the task.

The classification of lawn mowers is adjudge according to the following criteria. Use of this mower should be restricted to individuals who have read and understoood and will. Employees remain interested, losses of production are minimized, and minimum preparation by the employer is needed. Power mower safety safety toolbox talks meeting topics. Clean the top and underside of the deck to remove all that old dried up grass. Though the method of control is different, both types of mowers present similar hazards to operators, bystanders, and animals that may be in the immediate vicinity. Whether you use a riding mower or a walkbehind mower, follow these guidelines for lawn mower safety. Power lawn mowers for trainers and supervisors ohioline.

Theyre ideal for flat lawns less than an acre in size. Hazards most often associated with riding equipment are blade contact and loss of stability. Basic safety precautions should always be followed when using electric lawn mowers, in order to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and personal injury. This lawn mower is equipped with an internal combustion engine and.

That way, if you do slip, you wont fall toward the mower or have the mower roll back at you. Keep cutting edges sharp and clean for best and safety performance. The speed of the blade can send dirt and bacteria deep into a wound, creating a high risk for. While mowing may seem like an easy task, proper operating procedures and safety precautions must be followed at all times during the mowing process.

Lawn mower safety how to stay safe when using a lawn mower. Dangers of rollovers of riding mowers occupational safety. Apr 24, 2017 from flying debris to mechanical issues, operating a lawn mower can be hazardous. How to rewire a riding lawn mower super easy by admin 1. To start the cordless lawn mower, press and hold the safety lock button while pulling the switch lever toward follow these instructions to adjust the cutting height of the you fig. According to the us consumer product safety commission, more than 60,000 injuries are treated by hospital emergency rooms each year because of unsafe operation of power lawn mowers. The new exmark quest is designed with rider safety and wellbeing in mind. Always turn off mower when crossing a sidewalk or driveway. My mower wont start lawn mower basic troubleshooting guide. Agricultural mowers and riding lawn mowers can overturn, caus ing injury and.

Mount a slow moving vehicle smv emblem on the back to indicate the mower is moving at a speed less than 25 mph. Jul 22, 2015 lets take a moment to discuss lawn mower safety. Electric lawn mowers have the advantages of being quiet, requiring little maintenance and having zero emissions. Chances are all the juice has drained over winter if you did not hook the battery up to a trickle charger. To avoid injury with power mower equipment, you must pay close attention to your surroundings. Always refer to your owners manual for manufacturer specific tuneup recommendations. Check your operators manual for the type of job your mower is designed to do. How to sharpen lawn mower blades safely and effectively. View and download baumrag 660ex user manual online. Push mowers or walkbehind mowers are the most commonly used mowers for home lawn care figures 8 and 9.

Most of us know to use a push lawn mower but often times we forget to keep safety top of mind when mowing. Store idle lawn mower indoors when not in use, the lawn mower should be stored indoors in a dry, locked place out of the reach of children. Read and follow all safety rules and instructions before operating this equipment sears, roebuck and co. Honda lawnmowers are designed to give safe line with. Alternatively, purchase and utilize a pair of prescription safety glasses. Safe operation measures greatly reduce chance of injury and property damage. Follow instructions and warning labels on chemicals and lawn and garden equipment. By creating the files on your own computer you can edit these forms as you need to for each new customer.

Regardless which type is chosen, it is very important to keep the lawn mower blades as sharp as possible. Here is an example of a horse drawn three gang fairway mower. Pay attention to safety instructions in the manual and to warning labels you. Cuts can occur anywhere on the body but most often occur on the hands and feet from the sharp blades. A rotary mower blade whirls at 2,000 or 4,000 revolutions per minute, or at 100 to 200 miles per hour.

The lawnmower executes an asymmetrical movement pattern that. The first reel type fairway gang mowers were horse drawn. Free lawn care contract forms your lawn care basics coach. A formal safety program will also assist your company in complying with federal and state safety, health, and environ mental laws. Conduct a premowing inspection of the lawn and remove any debris, rocks. When not in use, lawn mower should be stored in an indoor dry and lookup place, out of reach of children. The energy transferred by a typical lawn mower blade is equivalent to being shot in the hand with a. Mf2714 mowing and trimming safety for the landscaping. Safety tips, along with real accident reports, have been combined to give you a better understanding of the risks associated with this type of work.

It evolved out of a need for groomed turf areas being maintained on a regular basis. The concept of the reel mower goes back to the 1800s. Mowers with a rops should also be equipped with a seat belt. Part 1205 1 this document is a simple summary of the walkbehind power lawn mower requirements and does not replace the requirements published in 16 c. Operator protection clothing protects the mower operator from thrown objects and sun exposure.

Provide and use approved seat belt assemblies on all riding lawn mowers on which a rops has been installed. A power lawn mower can be dangerous and cause serious injuries. Power awn mower safety bwc safety below are tips and resources to help t you make lawn mower operations safe for your workers. Learn the top 5 basic lawn mower safety tips with this short video. Rearengine riding mowers, lawn tractors and garden tractors are all designed to. These include conducting crew talks, identifying hazards, controlling risks, developing safe work procedures, and responding to accidents and injuries. Lawn mowing and ground maintenance in the workplace by. Mowing and trimming safety 3 this booklet teaches important safety practices to follow when mowing. If you have a larger lawn or hilly terrain, a walkbehind gas or electric lawn mower is a good choice.

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