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This complements the work of the ministry in enforcing labour laws. You cannot afford to make mistakes as the penalty for wrongful termination of contract may be as high as 36 months pay. Ban on casualisation and unjustified termination of employment receives support from stakeholders. Zambia labour laws employment act employment special provisions act industrial and labour relations act industrial and labour relations amendments act. Chapter 268 of the laws of zambia chapter 268 the employment act the employment act arrangement of sections part i preliminary section. Equally, a public that is aware of these laws will stimulate positive debate that move state actors to take action in enforcing compliance among employers. It is important that both employers and employees take time to learn and understand the contents of these pieces of legislation in order to foster compliance.

For updated information, you are invited to consult the eplex. An employer is prohibited from giving termination notice during a period of leave taken under this act. This booklet adopts an innovative approach to guiding businesses on how to comply with labour laws by collapsing all relevant labour regulations related to key aspects of the employment relationship. Labour law zambia all about employment labour laws and. Three grounds on which a termination of employment might be legitimate module 5. Fair labor standards act the flsa provides that most employees must be paid at least the federal. Sumaili, the issue in this case is not whether or not there was evidence of redundancy. An employer usually dismisses an employee under probation for poor work performance. The employment act section 26b of part iv oral contracts defines the.

The zambian law journal is found at the school of law in the university of zambia. Get all the information about employment labour laws about minimum wages, maternity leave, pension, overtime pay, trade unions etc. Rights of employees in terms of section 189 and 189a of the labour. Lawful termination of employment under common law includes. An employment contract may not be terminated based on the following reasons. The employment act chapter 268 of the laws of zambia is the principal piece of legislation governing employee rights in zambia. The consequences for not getting this right are gustily.

All about termination of a contract, termination of a contract and benefits and wages, termination of a contract and labour laws in kenya on africapay kenya. Oclcs webjunction has pulled together information and resources to assist library staff as they consider how to handle. Employment act statutory instrument 46 of 2012 general. Acts of parliament post 1997 the employment code act no. Rights of employees in terms of section 189 and 189a. A termination may take the form or combination of all the aforementioned classifications.

An employee is usually placed on probation for 23 months for the employer to assess the employees work performance and the employees compatibility with the employer. The new labour laws are emphatic on employers giving a reason for terminating a contract of employment. Labour officers to be provided with and to produce certificates of appointment. Mr musonda says the revised employment act will end some harmful practices in some institutions which had held up company policies as being superior to the countrys labour laws. Ilo termination of employment legislation digest zambia. In zambia, the laws of zambia equally protects the right to decent through various legislation that government employment and conditions of employment. This act may be cited as the industrial and labour relations amendment act, 1997, and shall be read as one with the industrial and labour relations act, in this act referred to as the principal act short title cap. The government of the republic of zambia has made a landmark commitment to end casualization as president edgar lungu assents to the revised employment act to ban casualization and unjustified termination of employment. Zambian government bans casualisation and unjustified termination of employment contracts news 11 january 2016 lusaka ilo news president edgar lungu at the end of 2015 signed into law the amended employment act cap 268 of the laws of zambia making casualization and unjustifiable termination of contracts of employment illegal. The labour law pdf 38p this note describes the following details related labour law. Sumaili further stated that none of the safe guards provided for in the laws governing redundancies in zambia or other related laws were complied with by the appellant. Prohibition of termination of employment for reasons connected with pregnancy. A distinction is drawn between oral contracts of service, which are governed by part iv of the employment act, and written contracts of service, which are governed by part v. The following topics all relate to labour issues and they will assist in resolving the day to day encounters that the employer comes into contact with.

In this article, the focus is on the employment act, with. The ministry of labour and social security mlss is a government institution charged with the responsibility of formulating and administering policies as well as regulating activities in the labour and employment sector in order to enhance the sectors contribution to sustainable social and economic development for the benefit of the people of zambia. Contracts of employment there is a clear dichotomy in the law of zambia between contracts of employment which are required by law to be written, which are not in practice the usual form of employment contract in. A distinction is drawn between oral contracts of service, which are governed by part iv of the employment act, and written contracts of service, which are governed by. Any person who has entered into or works under a contract. Termination of employment can be initiated by either of the parties to a contract of employment employment act, section 35 1. A legal analysis of retrenchment and termination of. If you wish to enquire as to whether this country chapter is available in a previous edition of energy in print or. The employment code act, 2019 national assembly of zambia. A contract of employment terminates in the manner stated in the contract of employment or in any other manner as stated in the employment code act, except that where an employer terminates the contract, the employer must give reasons to the employee for the termination of the employees contract of employment. Employment actpdf the employment act chapter 268 of the.

No hr practitioner can work without understanding the implications of labour laws on the business and how to implement them. What is an employee entitled to as terminal benefits upon the termination of their employment contract. The plaintiff bounced some of these cheques even after being warned. General definitions and principles, employment agreement, working conditions, holidays and vacations, safety and labour hygiene, labour inspection, apprenticeship and employment, workers and employers organizations, welfare services to workers, dispute settlement forums, high. Zambia minimum wage rates with effect from july 2012 4. Three grounds on which a termination of employment might be legitimate. All about terminal benefits,terminal benefits and labour laws, terminal benefits and wages and salaries and family and more on africapay kenya. Reliable information about the coronavirus covid19 is available from the world health organization current situation, international travel. Maternity leave in the zambian employment act i speak hr. Termination on grounds related to conduct or performance 26b.

In terms of section 124a of the labour amendment act no. Notice of resignation, termination in zambia severance pay laws. Are employers abusing redundancy, termination clause. The lack of clarity in the nigerian labour laws concerning legal categories of workers is the motivating factor for the adoption of casualisation by employers. Zambian government bans casualisation and unjustified termination of employment contracts. Employment and labour relations an act to make provisions for core labour rights, to establish basic employment standards, to provide a framework for collective bargaining, to provide for the prevention and settlement of disputes, and to provide for related matters 20 th december, 2006 g. The employment act chapter 268 of the laws of zambia is the principal piece of legislation. Understanding zambian labour laws and termination of. The labour officer is then required to register the details of the report in a specific register. The labour laws of zambia state that the contract of service of an employee shall be deemed to have been terminated by reason of. Numerous and frequentlyupdated resource results are available from this search. Termination and expiration of contract of employment. The ministry of labour and social security has announced that the employment code act number 3 of 2019, has officially been effected.

What you need to know about unfair dismissals employment. Thisact may be cited as the employment amendmentact, 2015andshall bereadasone withtheemploymentact, inthisact referred to as the principal act. Labour relations act laws of zambia learned trial judge letter lieu of notice lusaka manager misconduct mubanga ngulube ngwira null and void offence organisation parties payment penalty or disadvantage plaintiff reason redundancy referred registered regulation resignation respondent company respondents rules sakala. Employer may pay in lieu of notice where termination notice is not served. The events leading to the termination of the plaintiffs services are that on 9 th june, 1999, the plaintiff was charged with the disciplinary offence of issuing cheques on an insufficiently funded account contrary to section 6. Brief introduction about labour laws i laws are needed to provide social ordering for the common good. Understanding the impact of labour laws to your business is critical. Prohibition of termination of employment for reasons connected with pregnancy 15c. Terminal benefits are final entitlements of an employee upon termination of an employment contract. Labour law part a general provisions chapter 1 labour law system and basic principles thereof section 1. Part of the obligations of the ministry of labour and social security is to sensitise the masses on labour laws obtaining in zambia. The laws of zambia is a 1996 compilation of 26 volumes containing all the laws and the entire respective various republican constitutions since independence. If a worker refuses to work during notice period, the employer may deduct, from any money due.

Organisation ilo 1982 convention on termination of employment. It is also noteworthy that the common law notion of dismissal by pleasure of the crown or royal prerogative has been discarded. Ministry of labour and social security zambia, new. Abstract industrial and labour relations occupy an important and enviable place in the socioeconomic development of any nation in particular and the world at large. Notice of resignation, termination in zambia severance. In terms of section 97 of the industrial and labour relations act, an appeal from the industrial relations court can only be on a point of law or mixed law and fact. Termination of employment during probation period labour. The question whether the appellant was or was not paid according to the advice of the labour office is strictly a factual issue. For a long time, it has been easy for some employers in zambia to offer their employees shortterm renewable contracts for as many as eight years so that. The employment act chapter 268 of the laws of zambia states that. An employee or employer can terminate a contract if notice is given. A structured guide to employment and labour law in zambia. Termination of employment contract under the new labour. A termination or dismissal may be regarded as lawful or wrongful according to common law.

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